Thursday, July 16, 2015

My market stall

So, its only been forever that I've said I was going to have a market stall. My new years resolution was to have a stall, and I finally did it. If anyone is from the Central Coast, you will probably be familiar with the Shelly Beach Markets. They are on the last Saturday of the month, I've done a few this year so far with the next one being next Saturday 25th July. My dear friend Larissa from Sugar Plum Tart and I have been going together and it has been great finally selling our hand made creations.
 I found this amazing vintage sheet a little while ago, brand new/old never opened. I love how bright and colourful my stall is, you should see the kids eyes light up when they walk past, love it.
 I finally have started selling my felt cakes, how long ago did I make these? 5 years maybe.
 I've also sold loads of my little Russian dolls. And I went on a hair clip making frenzy.
And all my new crochet toys. It's funny that each market is different, I will sell loads of one thing and the next market I sell none.
 It's all a good learning experience and I will try and make new things for each market to try and mix it up a bit. I also get bored making the same thing over and over. I have also found pricing to be hard as I don't like to under price myself as I put a lot of time into making everything, but I also want people to want to buy them too. 

So if you are on the Central Coast and around the North end of the Coast, it's a great day out. Also Long Jetty is 5 mins up the road from the Market. It has really become a great little hub with loads of great shops and cafes, definitely a great day out if you are coming up from Sydney.

Em xx ♥♥♥

Friday, June 19, 2015

A quick catch up

So much has been going on, the main highlights have been that I finally have been having a regular market stall and we have recently returned home from a trip to the UK for a month. I thought I would share a few photos of some of my crochet projects which Ive been selling at the market.
 I made a whole heap of donuts
 More Giraffes
 Some little bears
 I made these as little Easter gifts for the girls, I didn't sell these
 Little bunny rattles
 Bunnies in Cardies
 A combination of donuts and watermelons to create a watermelon donut
And did I mention I made a heap of donuts

I will post about the market soon, just thought as I had a chance I would do a little Blog catch up

Em ♥♥♥

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Transferring activity

I love Pom poms and as you may see there are loads of things you can do with them.
 This is a great activity as it's easy and it covers many areas of development for little people. I have an 18 month old and it's great for her, it was also a hit for my eldest when she was the same age.
All you need is two bowls and a small pair of tongs, and of course pom poms. I used to also do this when I worked in Pre schools, and I generally had the 18 month to 2 year old's, we also used dried pasta.

Some of the areas of development this is good for are,
Fine motor development
Hand and eye co ordination
Speech and Language 
Cognitive development

 We talk about the colours in which we are picking up, my 18 month old is slowly learning new words and enjoying to practice them. It's also great for introducing colours into her learning and play, which is great for language and cognitive skills.
The transferring of the pom poms from one bowl to another is great for her hand and eye co ordination as she has to focus on the pom pom and use her fine motor skills by using her hands to control the tongs in order to pick them up, and release them.
When my eldest became more confident with it, she would sit for ages just transferring  the pom poms between the two bowls. It kept her quiet and was a great calming activity for quiet time.

So why not give it a go, maybe try the dried pasta ( just make sure they don't eat it). The small plastic tongs to squeeze tea bags are also great for this, and also a bit easier to handle for little hands.

Em xx ♥♥♥

Pom pom glitter bunting

Another cute activity for older kids or Mum's looking to make something cheap and cute for their little ones room. 
These pom poms came in a big bag which cost $2 at a craft shop. The glitter card also cost about $2 which I bought at a dollar/pound shop. So this is quite an inexpensive way to make something a bit cute and add a bit of sparkle to any room. 
1, Find a sized circle you like and trace around it onto the back of the card, cut it in half and this will make your template. I used a plastic cup for the size of mine.

2, Now just trace it onto the rest of the card and cut out your bunting, I got 12 from 2 sheets of card.

3, Now with your hole punch, punch 2 holes in your bunting pieces, one in each corner

4, Now cut out a long length of your string (I used a gold yarn which I already had). Then thread the yarn onto the bodkin (or just a regular needle, depending on the thickness of your yarn/string). Now start with threading through a pom pom then the bunting shape, and so one, finishing with a pom pom. this is so when you tie it off it wont fall off the string.

 Now for the two ends, for each end I tied a loop and knot, then I threaded the left over yarn through the pom pom and cut it off, just to make it neat.
Now hang it up and admire it's cuteness. I used blue tack to adhere mine to the wall, but with the loops you can hang it from some hooks too.
I hung mine in my daughters room, she was pretty happy with it.

So this is a pretty easy way to make bunting that doesn't require a sewing machine.
You could use any coloured card or even foam, you could even use those lovely wool felt balls. There are lots of variations you could try. I would love to try some with my vintage wallpaper, for a vintage look. I even made some without the pom poms and just ran my cardboard through the sewing machine. This was also quite easy if you have a sewing machine.

Happy Crafting

Em xx ♥♥♥

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pom Pom Poppers

 I'm certainly not going to claim this as my idea, just showing you all the fun things you can do with pom poms. This is a fun little activity which will keep the kids entertained for a while, and not to mention finding pom poms all over the house, it's a small price for entertained kids.

 Cut a hole in the bottom of the paper cup
 Then cut the top off the balloon
 Tie a knot in the end of  the balloon. Next stretch the balloon over the bottom of the paper cup. Then tape the balloon to the cup.
Now, let the fun begin. Pop a pom pom in, and pull back on the the balloon then release. they do get a bit of distance, luckily the pom poms don't hurt or break anything.
Then get of the firing range and grab a cuppa whilst you can.

Em xx ♥♥♥ 

Pom Pom Bracelet

 This is an easy little activity I can do with my 4 and a half year old, I did need to help her with a couple of things. It turns out pretty cute for a girl who does love her accessories and dressing up.
Make the Tassel
1, Wrap some of the yarn about 10 times around the piece of cardboard
2, Slide it off the cardboard, then tie some yarn at the end of the tassel then tie some yarn about 1cm down from the top
3, Snip the ends off to make the tassel neat
(this part may need an adult to help)
 Thread the elastic onto the bodkin, this might need to be done by and adult. alternatively you could used a plastic  bodkin for kids. Then thread the beads, then through the pom poms, then through the tassel and keep going. 
Then tie off the elastic into a few knots, (an adult might need to help here too)
And there you have it, a cute little bracelet. I love pom poms and love adding them to lots of little projects for my kids.

Happy Crafting

Em xx ♥♥♥

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hello 2015

Wow, January has nearly gone already. I cant believe 2014 has gone and we are in 2015, resolutions are always on peoples lips, I don't tend to make them as I almost never keep them. My little Blog is one of them, I drop by time to time and have a look, and post a few things. Truth is I have a Samsung tablet now, its great for the quick stuff I need to do, like banking, email etc. I don't always have the time to get the lap top out and set it up as our new place is small and I don't have much room to keep it out all the time.

Anyway, this year is bringing some big things, I did set a little challenge for myself for the new year. Have a market stall, I'm glad to say I have been accepted to sell my things at a market, but I think I will start with the Feb market as I don't have time to get everything ready to start this weekend.

I'm also helping out a friend and contributing some little tutorials for something he is working on. I thought I would mention this as you might see a whole heap of little tutorials pop up in your feeds.

We are also off tho the UK with these two cheeky monkeys. Ruby is 4 and a half now and Olive is 18 months. How we will all go on a plane is anyone's guess, I hope for sleeping kids the whole way, although I somehow think that is a ridiculous fantasy from a delusional mother. We have a couple of months to mentally prepare ourselves, which is good.

So I think I will be keeping myself busy with making things for the market and doing some little tutorials over the next few months. Cant wait to show you how the market goes.

Em xx ♥♥♥

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