Monday, August 23, 2010

Fancy a cupcake?

My blog should have been called "I love felt" as it is my favourite at the moment. I just love how you can create anything with it. My love for it came in 1997 when studying for my child care Diploma, I made "3 blind mice" as a felt board story. I have since made loads of stories and puppets for the children, they love them. I love making them too, but now I am doing 3D toys which Ruby will really benefit from. I hope I can teach her to make them too. Here are some of my latest creations.

I have decided I am going to start making to sell these cupcakes. I have made different ones with different toppings. I have many more ideas so watch this space.

Felt David Bowie, the many faces of Bowie. I want to make a small quilt of him next, but we will see if I will do it or not.

Here are some of the treats I made for the toppings of my cup cakes. I cant work out my faves yet, I love them all.

Felt custard tart, I made this for my mum.

I also made these happy sweets for my mum also. So cute even if I do say so myself.
I have got more things on the go, but my time is now taken by my little girl. Sleep Ruby so mummy can sew.
Felty bye xxx

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Welcome Ruby

Well only 12 days late, my beautiful baby girl "Ruby" was born. Born on the 9th Aug 2010 and weighed 8.2lbs. She is just lovely and has very proud parents. xxx

Monday, August 2, 2010

My Favourite things

A few years ago I began buying colourful crockery, whilst in London I found more and more beautiful colourful kitchen ware. This is a collection of my colourful stuff in my kitchen, I love using all the bowls and cups to display my food because.... the first bite is with the eye.

I just love all the colours and they really brighten up my kitchen as it is a grey and white one. So I have them all on the bench so I can see them and it makes me happy. The cups and spoons are by rice which I have found you can buy from Lark, I could have bought so many more but as it turned out I came back to Oz and I had to send all of these back plus everything else

During my time off I have been busy with my felt sewing also. I have started doing some more cupcakes. This is one of them, I might try and make more to hopefully sell at at market.

A few years ago I bought a house with an ex, this beautiful Harlequin tea cup set was left in the house. As you can see they are beautiful and full of colour. I don't have the house or man (thank god) but I did keep this bits of loveliness.

I just love this plate, it is retro and my new favourite thing in my kitchen. Mum had it and it was from my Nana's house.

I have also been making some biscuits with my felt. Here are a few of them, I am a bit obbsessed with the felt at the moment. Watch this space for more Felty Goodness.
Em xxx
5 Days over due, will this baby ever be born???

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