Monday, May 9, 2011

Mollie Makes

Well, we made it to the UK without any problems on the plane. Ruby was fantastic and it was such a lovely flight, but I can say I am not looking forward to the flight home.

Last week on Meet me at Mikes, Pip had talked about this new magazine that was coming out on the 12th May called Mollie Makes. It is a crafty magazine just for people like myself. Well, I was very excited to have been over here and today I went down to WH Smith and picked myself up a copy, well 2 actually, one for my lovely Larissa too. It is just lovely, and has bonus felt to make an ipod cover. I have just been sitting down sipping tea and looking through all the lovely pictures inside. It is such a lovely magazine with beautiful photo's and great craft projects to try (such a pity my sewing machine is so far away). I think my mum will love it also.
Whilst in WH Smith, I also picked up for my mum this knitting book.
Knit Your Own Royal Wedding
She had seen it on the news and she loves knitting, so I just had to get it. I am sure she will knit one of the Corgi's first, this is because we had one called Geordie as our family pet.
I also picked up a £2 Kate engagement ring, I couldn't resist really.

I have had a little look around down town Hereford, I really love it as there are some lovely shops. I will take some pic's next time I go down. There are some cute quilt shops, knitting and wool supplies shops. Some cute cafes and beautiful shops which I have to stop myself buying too much in. Also the summer fashion is out over here. I might have to pick myself up some cute dresses for next summer. But the best thing is that there are loads of op shops, I cant wait to go looking through them all.

Right, more tea and another read of Mollie makes.
Em xx

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Today was my first Mother's Day, very exciting. We had a lovely day and we had lunch at my Mum's house. I thought I would share my Mother's Day goodies. Who would have thought Ruby at 9 months would know what Mummy likes. I got this very sweet broach and earrings from Made by White which is just an all time fave of mine. And these very cute owl salt and pepper shakers. Didn't do too bad really, yay for Dad.
I have got a few more op shop delights but haven't taken photos. But one was a princess highway mustard knitted dress for $7. It had a small stain which came out and I love it. The right colour for the winter season.

Well I am packing now, I am quite surprised with how little I am packing for nearly 4 weeks away. It is packing for Ruby which is taking me forever. Babies come with so much stuff, and what to pack for on board the plane, food water etc. Anyway we are off to England tomorrow and I am looking forward to doing some shopping. We are off to a friends wedding and seeing all the family grand parents and even great grand parents for Ruby. Cross fingers for the plane ride, I hate the flight in general and with a baby in the mix now makes it a bit worse. But we will see how we go, just think positive. So my posts might be minimal or even nothing, but it will just mean I am having a great time. See you in 4 weeks.
Em xx

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Taggie Blanket Tutorial

I have decided to do my first tutorial, yay. Today I will be making a Taggie Blanket, but it is going to be a bit fun and different. Below are all the things I am going to use, material, ribbon's Velcro, button's, clips, zipper and the sewing machine.

 First I measured the zip and decided how big to make my blanket. My zip was a 20cm one so I decided to make the blanket 24cm by 20cm.
 I cut 2 rectangles for the outside of the blanket and another 2 for the lining, so I had 4 in total.

 Next I cut one of the outer fabric and one of the lining fabric in half. Keeping the other two close by for later.
 Next lie down the lining fabric face up, then lie the zipper on top. Once this is done place the outer fabric face down on top.
 Then pin and sew, I used the zipper foot for this.
 Then stretch out the zip and iron the material flat.
 Now repeat with the remaining halves of fabric on the other side of the zipper.
 Once you iron the other side out, stitch along next to the zipper to neaten it all up.
All done, and looking good.
 Next cut 2 inch lengths of some different coloured fabrics (or you can use the same colours you are already using).
 With the pattern side down, fold in half and press. Then open the fabric out again and fold the outer edges into the middle and press. Next fold in and press again. Finally pin it together and stitch all the way down.
Then you will have some long strips of fabric to make some tag's with.
 Then cut some of your tags into a smaller size and thread through some plastic clips. You can use any really, but for saftey, the guide lines for babies are anything that can fit into a film canister is too small.
 I then stitched the end of the clip to hold it in place.
 I am not sure if you can see this, but taking another short piece of tag material, fold down one end to stop it from fraying. Then put a piece of velcro on top, I did this with two pieces of fabric tag. One with the rough side, and one with the softer side of the velro.
  Then stitch on the velcro. Great.
 Taking another length of tag material, put two small pieces of velcro on it so a loop can be formed. This is so you can attach other toys to your taggie. Also it can stop it from getting thrown on the ground and then lost.
 Next cut out some lengths of different sized ribbon's. You could use different textured ribbons, but my bub likes the satin ones.
Now we are going to assemble our Taggie. Lay your lining face up, then lay your previously sewn material (also face up) on top. Looking good.

 Now it is time to arrange your tag's. You can put them wherever you like. Just leave two asside, and leave one end of the taggie free of tags. We will get to that later.
 Now lay the remaining outer piece of material over the lot (face down).
 Now pin everything together, it is best to pin on the tags.
 Now leave this end free, with the two left over tags. Sew the corners and leave about a 15cm hole. Nearly done.
 After sewing all the way around, it should look like this.
 Turn it all inside out and press. Now position the last two tags in the hole.
 Now all you need to do is sew it shut. Yay, you are done!
Here it is, all done. I sewed a button on the end of one of the tags, making sure it was bigger than a film canister. As you can see I have attached those little rings, this is so you can clip it to your pram or attach other toys. I put a zip in as you can now put things in to change it's sound and feel. Cellophane for that crunchy sound, bells, pegs, a squeaky toy.... endless ideas to keep your little one amused. I have made this for my little girl for our trip to London, I need something to keep her busy. She loves button's and the clips on her high chair and pram, so that's why I have added all the different things.

So, all done. I hope you can understand this OK, and you enjoy making one for your little one. Feel free to add your own things to to make it a bit more special.
Em xx

Monday, May 2, 2011

When a man needs a purse.

 My man lost his ear phone case, so he asked me to make him a new one. So I used my cute robot material as I felt it is a bit more man friendly, and we both love Robots.

Now I just hope he doesn't lose this one.
Em xx

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Thanks Pip

What do you get when you cross "Meet me at Mikes" and ......
 Some material, an old doily and some vintage button's?
 You get this very cute clutch. I used an old doily that was a bit torn and some button's I found at Vinnie's. I loved the colours in the material and I think they all work well together.
 Now I cant wait to use it. I may use it at the wedding I am going to this month in the UK, on that subject only 7 days to go. Scared and excited all at once.

Em xx

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