Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Birthday number 33

That time of the year came around for me on Sunday, yes I turned 33! Since my last birthday I have become a mum, moved into a house, went back to the UK and the time has just flown by. It is also been a year since I have been Blogging, which is pretty cool for me. I am also happy to say I have finally bought a car. It hasn't been easy with a new bub and walking everywhere and getting the bus, and my mum has done a lot for me with her car. So it is nice to have some freedom, but it was kind of good walking as I lost all my baby weight and about another 10kgs, so cant complain there.

I went to Newcastle on Saturday and to Mexican that night with some friends, then on Sunday we had breakfast at Harrisons in Terrigal. If you come up to the coast you have to go there, lovely breakfasts. And it was such a lovely hot day for winter, it was lovely.
Here are a couple of things I got for my Birthday.
 My mum collects knitting books like I do felt books. She bought the Donna Wilson "Odd Bunch" a while ago, so she finally made me the Fox, how good is it, I love it. My mum is so clever with the knitting, growing up she knitted us lots of toys. So this is my grown up knitted toy.
 On Saturday I drove up to Newcastle with Chris and Ruby and we went to Darby Street, my favourite place. I love it there as there are loads of different shops which sell unique things that you don't find at the shopping centres. My favourite is Blackbird Corner, I got these post cards from a Brisbane designer Courtney Brims, I love woodland animals and just couldn't resist them. I also got a Fox brooch (keeping with the theme) from Little Shop, and after going on the Web site I could be buying more soon.
This is me and Ruby, with fist lodged in mouth. I am wearing the fox brooch. I just thought I would pop a picture of me on so you could put face to the blog.
Em xx

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fabric Eggs

I have been wanting to make some fabric eggs for a while now.So yesterday I went into my off cut box and cut out enough pieces to make 4 eggs. I have a box of off cuts for such occasions, I don't like to waste any bits of lovely material. I made 4 eggs with floral's and spots.
 Here they are.
 I have decided that they are very cute, but  I  think Ruby would maybe enjoy them more, and give them a practical purpose and not just for show.
She loved them, I walked away for a bit and when I came back, this is how I found them. She had managed to throw them into a well formed line with nearly even spacing. Clever Girl.
Em xx

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Little bit's from the UK

I just thought I would share some of the goodies I bought on my travels. I was a bit disappointed clothes wise but I did manage to spend most of my money at TopShop. It's summer over there now, so I have some cute summer gear.
 This is my Wills and Kate wedding stuff. I love this card from Lazy Oaf, and the ring I had to get and for £2 why not hey.
 Some more stationary. I don't really think I needed any more, but they are just too cute. More Lazy Oaf and Art box sticky tape, I have a collection of tape now.
 I am just in love with this designer at the moment. Its Orla Kiely, her stuff is amazing. I only got this mug and gift box. But she has fantastic biscuit barrels and jars with these designs, I am in love. Now to find an someone who stocks her goods here in Oz.
Here is Ruby's haul. I love the rice gear and got Ruby her own little cup, spoon and fork. Paper chase in Goodge Street was my spiritual home, many a weekend was spent with my good friend Larissa walking around the 4 floors of stationary heaven. I love these containers for Ruby's bits of food for when we are out. And a Maisy plate, just cause we love Maisy.
Em xx

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Laptop cover

I dusted off the sewing machine today and whipped up a cover for my man's new netbook. He just got it on the weekend so he can type during his commute. He didn't want to take it until I had made him a cover. So here it is, I used some car material that I had. I put some wadding inside to protect it.

He loves it which is great, I am also happy with it.
Em xx

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thanks Frankie

I am a wee bit excited, my blog has been mentioned in the Frankie Newsletter which you can find here. I am such a big fan of Frankie and I am delighted that they gave me a plug, Thanks Frankie. Since becoming a mum, blogging, creating and making things with felt as well as being a mum is what I do now. So when I got a mention from my fave mag I got a bit happy. I hope all that see my Blog enjoy it.
Em xx

Friday, June 10, 2011


We went to Hay-on-Wye which is on the border of England and Wales. It is very close to Hereford and at this time of the year it is famous for it's Hay Festivals which you can find out more about here. We didn't go to the festival but the town was busy and full of people, which gave it a lovely atmosphere. Hay is also famous for it's second hand book shops, it has loads. It is the perfect place to go if you love old books and antique shops. I took a few photo's before my camera's battery died.
Here are a few photo's of the town, I love the bunting. 
 I loved this shop, I bought some button's. I could have bought so much in here, but due to leaving in a few days, button's where the lighter option. Although we found a pair on converse trainers for Ruby for £7, which we had to buy.
 Old circus trailers
 The town had loads of these op shops, I was in heaven. I love op shops and Chris loves second hand book shops. I had to ask why we had never been before, I mean I lived over there for close to 3 years!
I love this photo me, Ruby and Chris. A family who were cons together, stay together.
Em xx

Thursday, June 9, 2011

London, Ruby in the big city.

I thought I would show a few pic's from London. I am mainly showing you my old area where I worked, East London. I used to work in the Mod building in Westminster, this was until they finally worked out that I wasn't able to work there anymore due to only living in the country a short time. I was offered a transfer to St John's Wood or Spitalfields. After visiting both Nurseries (I work with children) I choose East London, purely for the markets and coffee, but the people where also great, which was an added bonus.
 This is my old work place
And this is across the road......
And this is inside Spitalfields markets. What I loved was each day they had a different market. Mon and Tue was a smaller general market, Wed was handmade, Thur had old records and books and Fri was all second hand goods. Then the weekend had great markets, and a short walk is Brick Lane and the markets are great there too. It is a fantastic area and my lunches where spent wandering around the markets and the shops in Brick lane, and after hours there where lots of pubs and places too eat, and of course a curry. There was always something to see, I loved it.
I loved the old Architecture and as you can see, it is lovely on a sunny day.
 This is Neals Yard in Covent Garden, you just have to love the coloured buildings. So pretty.
And here are a couple of my favourite shops. Magma is full of quirky finds, I loved both of their shops. The book one was the only place I could ever find Frankie Magazine.
And this is my all time favourite shop Lazy Oaf, full of brightly coloured and fun clothes, jewelery and stationary. If you are in Fouberts Place in Carnaby Street, you have to go and have a look.

So that was a few photo's of London. There are so many other great places but I just didn't have enough time and traveling with a baby on the tube is so hard, one reason why we decided that we couldn't carry on living there. I look forward to taking Ruby when she is a bit older and go to places like the Tate, which is amazing.
 Em xx

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hello Hereford

Whilst in the UK we spent most of our time in Hereford, as it is where my lovely man is from. We stayed with his family and they all got to see Little Ruby for the first time. I love England and love Hereford, I took some photo's of my favourite parts of Hereford. It is like many of the other towns in the UK, with the usual high street shops and they all kind of begin to look the same. But Hereford has a little treasure that is Church St. It is a little lane off the high st and has all the cute little shops that are to me unique to Hereford.
 I love the cobbled road and it leads down to the Cathedral which can be seen at the back here.
 I love this, you don't find this anymore. Most fresh produce are found at the big chain stores, so it is nice to see old fashioned ways of selling fresh goods.
 I love this shop called Hunky Dorey it is new and the first time I have seen it. It has loads of children's toys and goods. Just too cute.
 Now this is my favourite shop, its Berry Red. If you love wooden toys for kids, products by Kath Kidtson, Rob Ryan, Rice, and Orla Kiely and many more this is the shop for you. I could quite possibly buy everything in this shop. I just love how colourful it is and the variety of just beautiful products. I did buy a few things, but I managed to control myself.
 This is a photo of the children's section.
Here is my man Chris playing with some of the cutest musical instruments. I am sure from the pic's you can see why I LOVE this shop.
 With all the chain coffee shops with pre-packaged sandwiches that you find all over England, it was lovely to find this lovely sandwich shop, Number 10.
 Inside I fell in love with the way it was furnished.
 How can you not love a cafe which has stools like this, I need these mushroom stools in my house. Not want, need!
 My coffee came in an old mug with a miss matched saucer, and our sandwiches on pastel coloured plates.
This is a little lane off Church St, it has a wool shop, 2 quilt shops and a cute cafe.
So these have been a few shots of Hereford, hopefully we will be back in a couple of years.
Em xx

Monday, June 6, 2011

Felt Wedding Cake

We are back from the UK with quite possibly the worst jet lag, this is due to our little Ruby waking up every 3 hours. But we cant complain she was a star for both flights.
I thought I would post some of my pics of my felt wedding cake. I made this for our dear friends wedding, which was one of the main reasons for our trip. It was an amazing wedding and the real cake was pretty darn cool. We had a night off from Ruby also and we had the best night sleep ever, the bed was like sleeping on a cloud. So here they are..
I have been making some new felt flowers and I having been using my old button's for the middle of them. I have been making some head bands with them, they look quite cute.
I have some pic's from the holiday which I will post soon. I cant wait to start sewing again, now I might try sleeping again, if I can.
Em xx
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