Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ruby new shoes

We finally got some new ink for the printer on the weekend. When we first got it I went a bit printer crazy, and printed extra cute pics I found on the net and loads of photos of Ruby. This time I will be a bit better  with how much I print. So Ruby is at that age that she wants to be walking, and I love little shoes and have bought her a few pairs as who cant resist little shoes when you have a baby? They are all very nice but when your little one starts walking they shouldn't wear shoes as it affects how they walk and don't learn to use all the right muscles in their little feet (can you tell I used to work with babies). So after making a little pair a short time ago here, I thought I should make some more. They are perfect as they protect their feet whilst out but also let their feet move how they are meant to. So I printed out the pattern and got sewing. I will just say, Ruby cant walk yet she wants to, she REALLY wants to, lets just say we have sore backs.
 I used some of my material I bought on the weekend and made a pair of Mary Jane shoes from a tutorial I found here. It has different sizes for different ages which is great. I made the biggest size, they are a tad bit big but as they are more for summer I think they will fit fine in a month.
 I changed the pattern slightly by using a soft fake suede for the sole. Also I put a little bit of quilting padding between they lining and the sole for a little extra comfort.
 Watch out she is ready to walk, too cute.
 Ahhh yes as all good children do, take their shoes off.
And a quick bit of crochet for the morning, a new coaster for my cup of tea. I think more will be made so I have  a set. I love to crochet but I am not sure if I have the patience to make a blanket.
What another lovely day, hope you all enjoy it.
Em xx

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Crochet love

It was my mum's birthday on Friday so I made her a couple of crochet gifts. I bought the Mollie Makes magazine a few weeks a go and it came in the mail the other day and it had this lovely crochet pattern for me to try.
 They are cute little frames
 Here is mine, it was a bit bigger than the one in the magazine but I was happy with how it turned out.
 I added a little wooden owl at the bottom, they would be good for Christmas I think.
 I made her a little bunch of flowers also

Here is my new stash of fat quarters, some where from retromummy on the weekend and some from the craft fair the other week. I have some projects I want to do, cant wait to get sewing.
Em xx

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hello Thursday

What a lovely morning, the highlight so far is that my towels will get dry. Oh how my life has changed since becoming a mum. Chris rings me up every day from work and asks how my day has been, well I cleaned the shower and put the washing away. But I do enjoy being a mum, the hard part at the moment is a fussy eater in the form of a 12 month old girl. I made some veggie muffins with ham and cheese yesterday, mini ones for Ruby and big ones for us. So far we have had success, they are very good.
 I might add that I made 12 mini muffins, I ate 6 in a moment of weakness.
 I bought these shoes on our UK holiday, I just love them.
 Yesterday my copy of Mollie Makes arrived. I had it delivered to my mum's, after all my missing mail I didn't want to take any chances (so far 4 are still missing). Ruby has been flicking through it more than me, there are some great little projects inside to make.
 A little while ago I posted a headband I made for Rubes, so I made some more. As I have said before when I pull my finger out, I will get my market up and running.
 Last Friday my friend and I went to the Craft and Sew fair in Newcastle. I bought some more material to go with some that I bought a while ago. I hope to make a triangle quilt, and make it bigger to fit a big bed not just a cot.
And I bought this robot material, some friends are having twin boys. So I thought I might make a big nappy purse with it.
And this weekend it is the Mathilda's Market, and I finally can go. It is one of those markets that when ever they are on I cant go. And after reading Retromummy's last post of $3 fat quarters, how could I say no?

Enjoy the sun today
Em xx

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Saturday Afternoon in

We had a nice Saturday afternoon in after the 12 month injection horror for Ruby in the morning. We all retreated to the nook, I finished my sewing project my man sat and spent time writing his novel and Ruby destroyed the surrounding area. So it was fun for everyone all round. I finished making my scrap cushion from the Handmade Beginnings book. I used all my green materials and got rid of heaps of my scraps. I think I might make a smaller one using my red collection of fabrics.
 I love it as it is a bigger size and nice to lie on whilst on the couch.
 I quite like the back of it too.
 I made Ruby her own plastic purse complete with cards inside to amuse her. She is obsessed with mine so now she has her own. I slipped some red buttons between the plastic and material and little wooden lady birds, you may recognise the material.
 For dinner we had Calzone's, I have never made pizza dough and it worked well. They were filled with spicy sausages and tomato and cheeses, and they tasted goooood.
On Sunday morning my friend and I went to the handmade market at Erina High. I left Rubes at home which was a great idea as it was rammed. I didn't buy anything only as I have already made most of the things there for Ruby. But it was good to see what other people are making, and I really need to sign up for the next markets. I bought a cookies and cream cupcake, it tasted as good as it looks.
How was your weekend?
Em xx

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Quick Change Trousers

A while ago I found on a couple of Blogs these trousers from a craft book called Handmade Beginnings. My man was buying some things from Amazon so I put my order in. Well, I have had such a bad time with my mail lately and 6 parcels seemed to have just vanished. But on Tuesday 2 of them finally turned up and one of them was our Amazon order. So I whipped up the quick change trousers, they are so cute and easy to make. I pretty much cut out the pattern and sewed them altogether in the time Ruby had her morning sleep.
 Here she is threatening to walk. I made the pattern for 18 months, just so we can get more wear out of them.
I made them in the same colours as her little shoes I made. Actually I have made a few things with these two fabrics, we are very matching now.
I am going to make some more things from this book. I have spent this afternoon sewing together a cushion also from the book, I will post it soon. Ruby spent the time scooting around my sewing area making a mess with all my off cuts. Hope you all enjoy your weekend.
Em xx

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some of my Felt Things

I found this site a little while ago whilst looking at some Blogs, so I had a go . Here is a collection of some of my many felt projects. Come to think of it I haven't made anything with felt for a while...
Click to play this Smilebox collage
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Em xx

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hankie Quilt

A couple of weeks ago I was at my local Salvo's and I found some old hankies, so I snapped them all up for $1. I had a thought of turning them into a quilt, so with my new rotary cutter I made them all the same size. I had to buy a couple more from Best and Less as there wasn't quite enough. I bought a meter of white poplin for $2 and a meter of gingham for $4.
I already had the material for a border and had loads of off cuts of batting. I sewed the off cuts together and put the white poplin behind the hankies as they are a bit thin.
All up the quilt cost me under $10 and I sewed it together quite quickly. I am really happy with it. Also one of the Tuesday hankies was mine when I was little and it still had my name sewed on, unfortunately it was cut off in the squaring them up process.

So Ruby has a new little quilt which was cheap and easy to make. Do you have old hankies at home? maybe you could make your own.
Em xx

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Matching outfit

One of Ruby's little friends also turned one on Tuesday. She had her party on Sunday so I made her this little outfit. These are the Meet me at Mikes pants, but I made a bit of a modification. As Our little ones are growing at a rapid pace I made the elastic a little looser and put some draw string inside with the elastic and added button holes for the string to come out of and tie. This way they should last a little longer. Then I bought a cheap T shirt and added a heart with the same material.
I now want to make Ruby a new pair.
Em xx

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Ruby

A year ago yesterday I had my little girl. How time has flown
 Happy 1st Birthday Ruby xxx

Also our good friends in London had a little boy last night in amongst the riots. So sweet they share the same birthday. Lots of love to them too xx
Em xx

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Oh my god.....look what I found

You may or may not know, but I used to live in London for a few years. I loved it, with so much to see and so much going on. We would be still living there now, however that changed when I fell pregnant. We went back this year for a holiday and had a great time, but we also saw how hard it would have been living with a baby in London. Anyway there was so many things I fell in love with and one of the products I discovered and fell in love with is Rice, which are colourful melamine kitchen wares and I have bought a few things seen here. So I was a bit annoyed to find out about this

Now it isn't because I dont like it, it is actually the opposite. It is a fabulous looking shop and is located in one of my favourite spots in London seen here. The annoying part is that it has opened AFTER we came back home, if only it opened when I was over there I would have been the happiest girl ever. The shop is located in Neils Yard in Convent Garden, the colours of Neils Yard  really compliments the colourful Rice shop. ( It is also a fave spot as it is where my man Chris and I met each other again after meeting in Oz, but that is another story)
So all I can do is watch this video and wish I was there, next time, next time I will go.
Em xx

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Woodland themed party

I am just relaxing after a busy afternoon, so I thought I would post some pictures of Ruby's 1st Birthday Party which we had today. As I mentioned previously, I did a woodland themed party, and I made a candy table. I was very happy with how it all turned out. It has a Alice in wonderland feel to it also. I used all my old plates and tea cups and everyone used old miss matched saucers to eat off. We had some of my close friends and family and had a lovely time, Ruby isn't 1 till Tuesday and we are going to have another little family dinner party.
 Here is a full shot of the table, I used my new buffet as it was the perfect size.
 I made some bunting using some old picture books which I picked up a while ago for 20c. I cut them into triangles and sewed them onto some bias binding I made. I then sewed her name on with some felt.
 Here is her cake, I am so happy with how it turned out. I made some green coconut for grass and painted my little mushrooms I made. I made a tree stump with a cupcake with flake for bark. I bought some little woodland creatures and finished it off with some bunting.
 I made some little mushroom cupcakes, some marshmallow pops with white chocolate and hundreds and thousands, white chocolate strawberries and some marshmallows with some white chocolate green coconut and a little mushroom sweet on top.
 Here are some strawberries and some field mushrooms made with marshmallows and chocolate powder.
 I made some cake pops with chocolate centers and white chocolate outside and green sprinkles. I am getting better at them and was very happy with how they turned out, they also went very fast. I also put some caramel popcorn into some cup cake cases. And some coloured meringue's in a glass jar.
 And in the tea cups I put some raspberries and mushroom sweets.
 Here are the marshmallow pops, mushroom cupcakes and little marshmallows with mushrooms.
Here is the Birthday girl, the dress she is wearing is my old dress. I love it, just think that was me 32 years ago.
Happy Birthday Ruby xxx
Em xx

Thursday, August 4, 2011

What I have been up to

Well it is Ruby's first birthday next Tuesday and I am having a little party for my family and a few close friends to celebrate this Saturday. I have decided to go for a theme and its going to be a Woodland Theme. I have always wanted to do a candy table so I am going to give it a red hot go. I have been on the look out for woodland inspired things, but I am finding it hard as we don't get much of that stuff here. I have made some things and found some treasures at the Salvo's.
 Look how cute this deer is, I am going to make it a red bow I think. It is actually quite heavy, it may live in the garden after the party.
 How cool is this moose head, I love it. Great find.
 Now we have 2!
 Made some more mushrooms.
 Found these cute frames in the reject shop, so I put in some material that I bought a while ago.
I wanted some little mushrooms to decorate some small things with. I love the cotton spun mushrooms, but didn't have time for them to be delivered from overseas, so I bought some air dry clay and made my own. Next to get some paint and they should look good.
Will show you how it turns out next week.
Em xx
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