Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fabric Houses

I found this pattern for these cute little fabric houses here. I thought they were a bit cute and I have always loved the houses from this book. So I made some for little gifts for the family.
Here they are before being stuffed.
And here they are all made. I think they are a bit sweet and look lovely all together.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.
Em xx

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Cards

Every Christmas I always make handmade cards for my family. I think giving a handmade card feels like a bit of love and effort has gone into making it and then they don't get thrown away. My Mum has all my cards I have made over the years hanging up in her living room, which is nice. This year as I have been into my crocheting, I have made crochet things for my cards.

  A Christmas tree, I have made a couple of this one.

A wreath, I think this one is my favourite.
A bauble
A beanie with button snow.

It's a wrap, each year I have a theme for my wrapping of gifts. Here are a few I have wrapped, with a whole lot more still to go. I made some felt hearts for the girl presents, as you can see I have a red, white and brown theme for this year. Cheap paper and doilies, and twine and red sticky tape. I love getting creative with wrapping.
Eeek 3 more sleeps, this time of year I have 3 big meals. Christmas Eve is my Great Auntie’s birthday, so big meal at mine, Christmas at my Mum's then Boxing Day at my Dad's. Then resting on the fourth day, but I love it. Happy last minute wrapping.
Em xx

Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's Starting to look a lot like Christmas

I have really enjoyed decorating the house this year.
Em xx

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Cake Pop's

Today I had my Mother's Group Christmas morning tea, otherwise known as Cake Time. I decided to make some Cake Pops for the girls. I made some new ones using chocolate molds and putting the cake inside to make mini cup cakes. I also made the icing a light purple which kind of looks pink. But they where a great success with the girls taking the left overs home to their Hubby's. I made 3 different ones. I wanted to make some Christmas tree's but I forgot to get green dye, maybe I will still do them.

I managed to bring 2 home for Chris, I really enjoy making them. I have even got my step mum hooked, and she is really going to town with her ones.
Em xx

Friday, December 9, 2011

Pretty Cheap Top

Yesterday whilst Ruby was sleeping I decided to finally make this top. I saw it a little while ago on the Blog Cotton&Curls. I picked up the material for $5 a meter on sale at Spotlight and it has been waiting for me to make it into a nice summery top. 
I changed the design a bit, I made the arm holes wider and also not as long.

But I felt it needed something as I felt like I was wearing my sisters scrubs. So I added an old doily to make it a bit prettier. I used an oval one I had, I cut out some of the middle and used the outsides of the rest of it to go around the whole neckline.
All in all I am quite happy with it and will have to wear it over Christmas. I might make a singlet one with the left over material. And for the low cost of about $5 in total, I am very pleased with it.
Have a great weekend
Em xx

Monday, December 5, 2011

Fabric Baubles Tutorial

Today I made some easy and cute fabric Baubles. Last year I made some birds and owls, so I thought some circle bauble would look lovely along side them. I used mostly my vintage pillow slips and some old braids my mum gave me, but you can really use what ever you like.
Lets get started
What you will need

 First cut out 2 circles the same size, I used my mug for the circle size.
 Next arrange your braids, ribbons and decorations and sew them onto one of the circles.
When sewn together, you need to place the other circle face down over the top. Make sure you put your hanging ribbon inside before you pin it together and sew around the circle.
Also make sure you leave a small opening to turn it back the right way.
 Before turning it through, make small little cuts around the outside.
Next turn it through, put in the stuffing the sew up the hole.
 Looks pretty good, now make more.
I made 6 and they didn't take my very long.
This could be adapted for children. Older children may be able to sew by hand and have some help with the sewing machine. With younger children you could make and stuff a bauble without decorating it. Then give them lots of fun decorations and they can glue them one.
Ruby enjoyed playing with them before I put them on the tree, and they look quite pretty.
Enjoy creating
Em xx

Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Weekend

I have had a busy weekend this weekend. I had Chris's work Christmas party on Friday night. So lucky us, we had the night off and stayed down in North Sydney. After drinking maybe a bit too much bubbly, I had a wonderful full nights sleep. Which for any parents can be a rarity, and we also had a sleep in, which we NEVER get. Whilst waiting for Chris, I visited the North Sydney Vinnie's. I spent ages in there but picked up these..
 I got this funky bag for $4 and this awesome cardigan for $10. I am just in love with this cardigan, lovely colours and geometric design.

On Saturday we went to the Finders Keepers market, which is quite possibly my favourite market. It was such a lovely day and as we were by ourselves we enjoyed a lovely breakfast before heading there. I felt so inspired after getting there, as it is full of ridiculously creative and talented designers. If I had the money I could have easily bought something from every stall, but alas I didn't. I did pick up these wonderful prints from Nikki Catalano. I have some of her post cards in Ruby's room, and I was so happy to get some bigger ones to decorate her room. I cant stand all those mass produce bright pink things for girls rooms, these are much prettier and will last through her ages. And of course I had to get another Made by White brooch, and a cute ring.
And today we popped down to the Terrigal car boot sale, and look what I got. I got this brown retro dress which I will turn into a skirt for 20c, this 3 piece jug set for $6, these 3 pillow slips for $2 and these 3 plates for $5. All this for $13.20, I am so pleased. Although I did miss out on an amazing lamp, I turned to show Chris and a lady took it. You have to be quick as it seems.
So I am pretty happy with my weekends haul.
Next putting up the Christmas tree, Yay.
Em xx

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Wreath Tutorials

I am starting the festive season with some tutorial's. First off little Christmas wreaths, to put on the tree or hang where ever you like. They are all made from different materials and have different levels of difficulty. You could make them with kids, and the materials don't cost much.
Maybe you might like to make some. Please enjoy x

Sweet Felt Wreath
You will need...

I just made a circle by tracing my mug, and maybe an egg cup size in the middle. Trace onto the felt, pin them together and cut out. First stitch the inside of the circle then the outside. Whilst stitching around the outside I put in the stuffing as I went.
At the end put in a small length of ribbon folded over and then stitch it in place, then you have finished the wreath. Now to decorate it.
I cut 2 lengths of felt about 1cm width, place one on the other then roll it up. Then stitch the end up, I also did one stitch through the whole sweet to keep it together.
One sweet done, for the purple sweet I cut out 2 circles the size of a 10c piece and stitched a heart and  "I love you" on it. Then I put the other circle behind it and stitched them together.
For the last sweet I simply cut out a small rectangle. I then rolled it up tightly and wrapped some thread around the outside and tied it off, done.
For the bow I cut out a big rectangle and a smaller one. Fold the big one so the ends meet in the middle.
Then fold the sides in and wrapping the smaller bit around the middle. You can either glue it or stitch it together to form the bow. (A bigger rectangle will make a bigger bow, play around with the sizes until you find a size that works)
 Now add some ribbon and glue your sweets on, Done. You can get creative with the sweets or even make Holly and Ivy.

Crochet Wreath
You will need...
Let me say first, this is not my design for the wreath shape. You may notice it from some rattles I made here, the book I got it from is called "Amigurumi Two". If you like to crochet this book is for you, it has very cute patterns and is easy to understand. With that said, here is the pattern.
I used a 3.0mm hook
Loosely ch 45.
R1: Join the first and last sts with sl st to form a ring, being careful not to twist sts, and sc 45
R2-11: sc 45
Fasten off, leaving a long tail for sewing. Fold piece and sew edges together to form a donut shape, stuffing as you go.
For this one I chained 50 and tied off. I then thread the ends in and tied it into a bow. I used ric rac at the top, cute.
I made 2 as I enjoyed crocheting, for this one I simply cut out some leaf shapes and sewed on some red buttons. I then Sewed on some red twine at the top.

Pom Pom Wreath
You will need...

 This is so easy and great for kids. I used florist wire I bought at a cheapo shop for $2. It can be a little hard to thread the pom poms onto the wire but some go one real easy. When all on, twist the wire together to join it into a ring. Tie some ribbon on and make a bow like on the felt one, too easy. This can be a no sew wreath and I think it maybe my favourite one.
I hope you enjoyed this and understood it OK. I think handmade Christmas decorations are more special (and cheaper). Stay tuned for more
 Em xx
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