Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Crochet Bunny

As I mentioned yesterday I was crocheting a Bunny. Well I managed to finish it today. I cant believe I did as we have had a jam packed day. We had kindy gym then I had to take Ruby for her 18 month check, then take her back to the clinic for her injections and then we had mothers group for our fortnightly catch up which I love. Needless to say Ruby is now sleeping hard.
But Bunny has come along with us all day, but stayed in the car. I am so pleased with it as it is my first big crochet toy. Ruby keeps kissing it which is lovely, I think I might make the small one too. I fllowed the pattern from this book. I have taken a few too many photo's of it, here she is.

 I used a matching floral in the ears and I think it makes it look a bit nicer, the pattern called for felt.

With my new crochet purse which was the best thing ever. everything I need is in there now.

Now what next to make, I have the crochet bug.

Em xx

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