Friday, April 27, 2012

From a dress to a skirt

A couple of weeks ago I found this dress, I know what you are thinking mmm flattering. I loved the fabric and decided I would make it into a skirt. So I removed the pockets and took it in a little and put some elastic in for the waist.

And here is my new skirt for winter, with such bright colours I am sure it will brighten up any cold winters day. I have quite a bit left over and I have some idea's to make a little bag to go with it.

Em xx

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This week

A few things..

I finished my baby shower gift, I made 2 bib's and a burp cloth and some tee pees. Now thanks to sending countless hours on Pinterest I found a few Tee Pees and thought I would give them a go. If you haven't seen them before, you pop them over your new little man's bits to prevent an unexpected shower.

 I was quite happy with the card, I made it about 10 Min's before I left.
 Anzac biscuits baked at 8am, it is the first time I have made them and they were ok I think.

So these were going to be a blanket (it is so never going to be made) so I thought a cushion cover was a better alternative. I have a few left over so I might be able to make another one.

Em xx

Friday, April 20, 2012

Another little quilt

I made this little quilt the other week but I didn't post it as it was a gift. I made it for my mans lovely sister for her birthday. I made his mum's one and I really enjoy making them. I made a pin wheel then I made a couple more, I didn't really have a pattern in mind. I was happy with how it came together and I do enjoy hand quilting now, but I really need to wear a thimble.

 I hand quilted the insides of the coloured triangles not the grey ones, then around the squares.
I don't think I would go as far as hand quilting a big quilt, but small ones are fine. They're are a bit addictive to make, well for me anyway.

Have a lovely weekend

Em xx

Thursday, April 19, 2012


You know sometimes when you makes something and you think "why haven't I made these before?" Well I have had that moment all week when I was making some bib's. Ruby is past wearing bibs now, only if her food is extra messy but the chances of her eating it are very slim anyway. I have a baby shower on the weekend and my friend is having a boy so I thought why not make her some bib's. I then went through my stash and found some unisex patterns and made 8 as I know more people having babies. I made her the elephant ones as I think the material is just too cute.

 I used some towel fabric from Spotlight but I think next time I might just buy some cheap towels from Kmart as I think it would be cheaper and you can get more colours. Next burp cloths, why didn't I make those either? More for my sister, cant wait to be an Aunty.
And here is a crochet blanket I have started for Ruby for winter. I am only making a small one, so lets hope I finish it.

Em xx

(Finally some sun, Gosford was drenched yesterday there was all flooding near my place. Now for some washing, booo.)

Thursday, April 12, 2012


 Went and saw My Morning Jacket last week at the Enmore, pretty damn good.
 Easter baking

 Finally finished my crochet scarf, so warm I love it. I kept buying more wool as I wanted it longer, 4 balls later.
 Found this material for $1, so I made a singlet dress. Even used double needles, except not on the hem yet.....will do it sometime I'm sure.
 Made the little mouse from Mollie Makes Issue 11, next some clothes.
 Crocheting a cardigan for Ruby, only to find it is way too big. Oh well for next year then from here
 Spotlight wool sale, a granny square blanket for Ruby
Finally Flight of the Conchords are coming to Sydney. After the Bon Iver ticket debacle and missing out, I must get tickets. Just missed their UK tour as I was pregnant and leaving, I cant wait for this one.

So I was a bit busy over Easter, loved the extra time to craft as there were an extra pair of hands around the house.

Em xx

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Urban jungle beanie

Ok, 3 balls of wool later I have finally finished my beanie. It took a bit longer than anticipated as I didn't know how much wool I ended up needing. The pattern is the Urban Jungle beanie and I found it quite easy to make. I love that you can make it what ever size you need really, I have a nice big head so I need to make mine a bit bigger.

 So I am now ready for winter, I love this colour too.
 Here it is on, please don't take notice of the box of tissues in the background.
And some banana muffins with vanilla icing as a post crochet treat.

More creative loveliness here.
Happy Easter

Em xx

Monday, April 2, 2012

Arts and crafts

I have been doing sticking with Ruby for a little bit now and we have been making cards for family members. I have been putting some photo's inside the cards to show the creative process in creating them. I used to do this kind of thing in the children's scrap books when I was working, I also put an observation in but I didn't go that far with Ruby. 

 I have been keeping off cuts of felt and material, I have also been cutting scrap bits of paper into little shapes. I have mentioned before I used to tell the girls I worked with not to throw things away but to keep them and use them for craft. And I am still doing it now, even putting them into old Chinese take away containers. I have a little craft stock pile for Ruby to use, I cant wait till when she gets older to do some pretty cool things.
 It was the first time we tried glitter, maybe next time I wont do it on the carpet!
 Here is the card, I had to help with spreading the glue. It would have been eaten otherwise (she will happily eat glue, but not the lovely meals I make for her!)

I am thinking of doing some eggs for Easter next maybe.

Em xx
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