Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Flower

I have seen people making this Happy Flower from Attic24 for a little while now, so I finally decided to give it a go. I made it for my Mum for Mother's day, and I want to make one for myself now.

I used beads from kids jewelry as I find the wooden beads are always nice and bright.

Em xx

Monday, May 14, 2012

Stash and Treasure

On Saturday I had a lovely day out with my lovely friend Larissa. It was like a Mother's day gift of a day out without Ruby (although I did miss her). We went down to Sydney to Marrickville to the Stash an Treasure markets. We went down early to get some great buys. I was so happy, I spent about $25 and got quite a haul. I got heaps of vintage sheets and linen, lovely colours and prints. I was wanting more in warm colours as I have only found green, blue and purple ones. Now I have pinks, yellows and oranges. I want to make Ruby a quilt for when she has a big bed.

 Everything was so lovely and the people were so nice to talk to and tell us why they were getting rid of part of their stash.
 Lots of bargains to be found.
 Here is my new stash of vintage sheets, so pretty.
 This is my favourite sheet, I have been on the look out for something like this for ages for the back of my big quilt I am making. It was $4 and I am going to have a bit left over and it has no faded spots which is great.
These are my cute fabric's which I am sure I can find something to make for Ruby.
We later went to the big Salvo's at Tempe, we decided against Ikea and went up to Rozelle markets and had a lovely lunch before heading home.
I had a lovely day, I also had a fab Mother's Day too.
I am a bit excited as we are going on a little family holiday on Saturday. We are going on a road to Melbourne for 2 weeks. I cant wait, except I have to do all the driving. Luckily we are doing lots of stops along the way.

Em xx

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Winter clothes

What a lovely weekend weather wise. We went to the Gosford show on Saturday, we wanted Ruby to see the animals. She cried at all of them including the little white bunny that fit in the palm of my hand. We had no luck with showing her things, but she got a balloon so she liked that. And Sunday we went to the Terrigal car boot sale, there was loads of stuff there but nothing I liked, so we went home empty handed.

I did a spot of sewing also over the weekend. I made Ruby this denim dress with some of the denim mum gave me, after a wash I traced another of Ruby's dresses and made a simple pattern. I then used my bias binder gadget and made a heap of bias binding out of a cute vintage style fabric from Spotlight that was on special. I made a little peter pan collar and added some button's. I made it very easy to sew and the back is just elastic loops and more button's.

 Basically I sewed the whole thing with the bias binding, pretty easy. Some fun button's and elastic to do it up, too easy.
 Next, I bought this corduroy fabric at the Salvo's for a $1. Ruby is needing more winter clothes so I made these pants from Sew La Tea Do. Very easy to sew and didn't take me long at all.
I put a little pocket at the back. 
It is getting hard to get Ruby to stay still for a photo these days. I think I might make her a dress with the pink also, the dress will go great with a long sleve top under neath and a cute pair of tights.

Em xx

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Denim skirt

Mum gave me some old material that used to be mine before I travelled. I think this was a cushion cover, not sure so I thought it could be a skirt for Ruby for winter with cute tights.

 I made a band with this skirt and the back has elastic in it, I was trying something a bit different. I also put little pleats in the front to make it look like it had a button opening. I then put some vintage glass button's down the front. Ruby loves button's too, she is her mother's daughter. I had to hold off with embellishment's, I wanted it to be able to go with any of her clothes.
I bought this shirt for $5 for Ruby and added the front for something a bit different. Her Dad loves the bow, she used to have a little waist coat which would have looked cute with it. So quite a cheap little outfit for Rubes.

Em xx
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