Thursday, June 28, 2012

Birthday number 3.....oh deer

It was my Birthday on Tuesday and Chris bought me this very cute deer lamp. He was a bit shocked at the size of it, when he opened the box I could hear him say "my god, it's life size". I laughed at it's size also but Ruby was just so excited by it, she loves it. She comes down in the morning and turns it on, then runs to me saying "light". We need to find it a proper home, but at the moment it is living on the foxtel box, maybe not a good spot.

 It looks amazing in the night, the afternoon light is no good.
 What I love about a birthday in my family is Mum makes cup cakes. And the best cup cakes are those that are given to you and you can sit with a cup of tea and just enjoy. I think I have been enjoying them a bit too much! My step mum also made some lovely chocolate ones with strawberries on the top, pretty yum too.
I always get a shot like this, I should put them all together a bit cute. Mum made Ruby some mini cakes with a small amount of icing just for her.

On a creative note I have finished another baby quilt, I will post it after they get it so they get a surprise. I secretly want to keep it, back to my big one though now. Not long and it will be finally finished too.

Off to Newcastle on Saturday for a day of op shopping, looking through some quilt shops then off to Darby Street for a nice lunch and shop. Cant wait.

Em xx

Thursday, June 21, 2012


I have had this bad boy on the go for I don't know how long. I think I have had the fabric for it for a year, and I have been doing it bit by bit until recently when I finished my top and was on the look out for the perfect vintage sheet for the backing. I found it at the Stash and Treasure market a little while ago for $4.
So far I have had to unpick about 10 lines as I am not used to quilting such a big quilt.  I am now prepping every row with pins and safety pins to make sure it isn't puckering up. The front is looking good now, but the back..... well I am just hoping for the best.

 Let's not focus on the not so strait lines.
I cant wait to finish it, now back to quilting.

Em xx

Monday, June 18, 2012


Sunday was so lovely that we took advantage of the sun shine. We went down to Hardy's Bay in Killcare for some lunch and a walk in the sun. We found some puddles and Ruby had a good splash in them, and got very wet. Lucky we had a change of clothes and other shoes. Then we went down to the park near our house and fed the ducks, it was a lovely day.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

Em xx

Friday, June 15, 2012

Little pillow

I have been a bit quiet on Blogging this week as my lovely man has been working from home and using the computer, and then in the evening I don't feel like doing it much. But today I thought I would sneak a post in quickly.
On Monday we spent a cosy day in upstairs with the heating on sewing, playing and typing. I was sewing, I was playing around with my scrappy quilt with adding more to it and then making a little pillow for Ruby's dolly. I was trying out some embroidery, making a Miffy and some mushrooms. I also made some washi like tape as I just liked it.

 I decided to also make a new cushion cover with one of my vintage sheets, a little used before the photo was taken.
 I backed the little one with the same sheet,
 So, I was reading my new copy of Mollie Makes. On one page they had an article on the Willesden Green New Windows Project. I got a bit sentimental as it is where we used to live when we were living in London. We lived in Willesden Green and Cricklewood in 2009/2010 and it is where we discovered we where expecting our little Ruby. It is a great project as there was nothing there but it was a lovely area. We loved our little place but there wasn't much in the area, so we always had to jump on a bus or the tube to get a coffee or look around the shops. I just wish it was done sooner so I could have enjoyed it.
Then the very next page there was Selina Lakes book launch in Spitalfields. And thought it was funny as it was on the next page as it is where I used to work. So on 2 pages was where I used to live and work. I loved Spitalfields as I had to get a transfer in my job and could choose between St Johns Wood or Spitalfields. And do you know why I chose Spitalfields? no:1 I could buy a coffee no:2 there where markets there everyday.
Have a lovely weekend
Em xx

Friday, June 8, 2012

Our little holiday

We are back from our road trip and we had a lovely time. I wont bore you with the details but basically we drove to Melbourne and back (well I drove). We went down the south coast and came back via Canberra. We have lovely weather all the way then it pretty much rained the whole time we were in Melbourne. We did a day trip the Daylesford which was lovely. We came to the conclusion that Melbourne isn't as much fun when you have a child, everywhere seems cramped and we couldn't get the pram in many places. Ruby spent most of her time jumping in puddles. But we just loved all the little towns along the way, so cute and everyone is just so friendly.

 Blow hole

 Eden whale museum
 Boyd's tower, such a great view
 Ruby and the Beat Box Kitchen, and with her third balloon for the day.
 Markit at Federation Square, just the best market ever.
Ruby and I at Fitzroy Falls
 The Mill Markets, Daylesford
Daylesford Bazaar, I bought some amazing retro wallpaper for $22 here.
Ruby at the Little Blow Hole

I am back into my sewing, and crocheting. I took it away with me but I was just so tired every night that I didn't do any.

Have a great weekend.
Em xx
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