Wednesday, May 10, 2017

3 months till the big move

3 months! 3 short months till we move to the UK. So lets look at the things we have had to do already.

So Olive is 4 in July and will have to start reception in September (crying) she is my baby and isn't meant to be starting till January 2019 in Australia, she is joining in with the older kids at her preschool doing the school readiness program. Some of these kids are nearly 5 and starting school next year, not 3 and starting this year! But she is a massive joker and has taken to preschool like a fish to water. My sister in law informed us we better get our applications in toot sweet and we missed the deadline by a couple of days, lucky they rang the school and explained our situation. They quickly processed Ruby's application which would help our application for Olive as she would have a sibling enrolled in the school. We didn't have a second choice but luckily Olive was offered a place and then we felt relaxed.
Ruby is in first class in Australia but will be jumping up to year 3 in September. The poor thing will have only have done 6 months on year 1, skip year 2 completely an go straight up to year 3. This obviously causes a few issues as she will be behind, but thankfully she is quite confident and is looking forward to making new friends.

The reason we are leaving in July is just so the girls will start the school year with everyone else. We wanted Olive to be able to start at the same time as everyone else so she wouldn't be behind. And at least Ruby has already learnt all the fundamentals, so she might need to have a bit of one on one time with a teacher to help get her up to speed with the rest of the class. 

So that was our fist port of call, second was our passports, I still cant believe we sent off 3 applications to the UK and got all 3 back in 2 weeks, I was shocked at how quick it took. So everyone has a UK passport. We should have had Chris apply for citizenship but we didn't and we rang and they advised to just apply for the same visa he is on, this is just so he can get back into the country when we come home.

Look how big they are now!

We will be moving to Hereford, it's a lovely little town. I really like it, I've never lived there, just London. I couldn't do London again, although Bristol is the next city we would move to if we need to look for work further afield. I am however excited to take the girls to London, I really want to go at Christmas and see the lights. I love London at Christmas, although it does remind me of morning sickness. I was pregnant and working in London. I remember having to get off the tube and take a breather as the train was making me sick. luckily it passed and I got to enjoy it sick free before we left. 
This was 2 years ago, this is where we will be living until we get our own place. But I think I can live with this😊

My next posts will be about packing and purging.

Em xx

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