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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Squeezing in a bit of sewing

I finally managed to squeeze in a bit of sewing this week. I have had all these pretty fabric's for a while now and never know what to use them for. So I decided to make some more plastic purses as they are always handy and easy to make. 

 I made 3 in different sizes
 This one I have been using in my bag for the girls with wipes, sunscreen tissues etc in. It has been very handy, and I just love this fabric.
 This one is for Ruby, it's like my bigger one I use for my purse. It's a perfect travel size for her little princesses and Tinker bell.
 And this one well, just because. Maybe for my jewellery for travel.
The girls have been sleeping at the same time during the day now, so I am hoping to squeeze in more sewing projects.

Em xx ♥

Saturday, June 15, 2013

A bit of this and that

I have been wanting a new place to keep some of my magazines as the place I keep them is a bit full. I do cull them and cut out any inspiration from them, but there are always some you don't want to get rid of. So I bought some cheap cardboard magazine holders and covered them with some of my vintage wallpaper. I love how they look now.
 They brighten up my shelf nicely.
 This little plastic purse has taken a couple of months to finish for some unknown reason. I'm glad it's finally finished, this one I added some metal clips to make it a bit more special. I use these to carry my phone, cards and money in. Along with any other bits and bobs I may need, my other one bit the dust so that's why a new one was needed.
 I bought Beci Orpin's new craft book, I have been eyeing it off for a while and decided to just buy it. It really is a bit lovely.
And I also bought the new Mollie Makes craft book, it's a bit sweet too. 

I'm 38.5 weeks and I'm very keen for this little one to arrive. I am all prepared now, I finally packed my bag and have the car seat in the car, clothes washed and the bassinet is up. I already had everything I just had to get it all ready, now we just wait.

Em xx ♥♥

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mug Rugs

Has anyone else found themselves on Pinterest looking up mug rugs? I have, it was on Monday night and maybe it was for a bit too long. I had to give them a go and found them to be another great way to use up scraps. I made two for us as we like to have a cup of tea and a biscuit in the evening (a bit different to how we used to spend an evening). They are quick to make and I really love them, I think I might start gifting them too.
I used the left overs from my quilts that I just made recently, they are his and hers ones.

 I sewed vertical lines to quilt them.

 I really like the back of them too.
 I also made another plastic purse, this one is a bit different.
 I am trying some different designs 

Ruby is going through a bit of a phase where she is now only wanting to wear the the same sloopy joe all the time and not her cardigans. So I bought her a cheap sloppy joe and sewed this cute dog onto. She loves the buttons and also loves dogs, so now she has two jumpers she likes to wear.

Em xx

Other creative projects can be found here and here

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Baby Girl

Its a girl, my lovely friend Holly just had a lovely little girl on Monday. Ruby and I went up on Wednesday and saw her, she is just so little and cute and I want another one.
We took up a couple of little gifts, handmade of course.

I made a nappy wallet and crocheted a rabbit rattle. Ruby was very interested in the rattle, I might have to make her one.

I have been trying to think of things to make for boys, I made this little plastic bag. I thought for cars, Lego, spider pig etc. I am thinking of things to make for boys, as I was talking to another girl about how there is a lack of boys things at markets. Anyway, keep on sewing.

Em xx

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Colour Pouches

I made another clear bag yesterday with some of the left over plastic I had. I had a plan for it too, I also have lots of smaller sized plastic bits that I have kept. So I decided to make some colour recognition pouches.

I cut them all to the same size and sewed around the pouches and left one end open. I then collected lots of little bits and bobs of the same colour that weren't too bulky. I then placed them into the pouches and sewed them all closed. I thought this would be a fun way for Ruby to play with colours and see the little things inside too. When I was working with kids I was always coming up with fun ways for children to learn colours. When she learns them I can make more with some of the ones I missed.
Em xx

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Man Shorts

The other day my great Aunty gave me some old sheets that used to be my Nanna's. She new that out of me, my brother and sister I would be the one who would like them. There was 2 pink floral and 2 blue floral and then a blue check sheet. So I thought I would make Chris some around the house shorts. I used the comfy pants pattern from "Sew La Tea Do". I just made the pattern a bit smaller, I used elastic that was again my Nanna's that mum gave me that was in a box full of old sewing bits and bobs. So all up these shorts cost me $0.
 They even have pockets, which is great for keeping his phone in away from little miss.
 And because they were for a man, I thought it would be best to put in a tag at the back. Just to make it easier for him when putting them on, so they aren't worn back to front.
I made this a while ago, it's a new little plastic purse made from some of my vintage sheets and some Bambi fabric. I made a handle for this one, basically I use this daily when I am out with Ruby. It is full of my cards, money phone etc, I can put it in my stroller or pop it in a bigger bag. When I walk Ruby into the shops she likes to carry it, hence the added strap. And when I am by myself it fits perfectly into my hand bags. It is just very handy.
I am finally getting my craft on after a slow start to the new year.
Em xx

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Saturday Afternoon in

We had a nice Saturday afternoon in after the 12 month injection horror for Ruby in the morning. We all retreated to the nook, I finished my sewing project my man sat and spent time writing his novel and Ruby destroyed the surrounding area. So it was fun for everyone all round. I finished making my scrap cushion from the Handmade Beginnings book. I used all my green materials and got rid of heaps of my scraps. I think I might make a smaller one using my red collection of fabrics.
 I love it as it is a bigger size and nice to lie on whilst on the couch.
 I quite like the back of it too.
 I made Ruby her own plastic purse complete with cards inside to amuse her. She is obsessed with mine so now she has her own. I slipped some red buttons between the plastic and material and little wooden lady birds, you may recognise the material.
 For dinner we had Calzone's, I have never made pizza dough and it worked well. They were filled with spicy sausages and tomato and cheeses, and they tasted goooood.
On Sunday morning my friend and I went to the handmade market at Erina High. I left Rubes at home which was a great idea as it was rammed. I didn't buy anything only as I have already made most of the things there for Ruby. But it was good to see what other people are making, and I really need to sign up for the next markets. I bought a cookies and cream cupcake, it tasted as good as it looks.
How was your weekend?
Em xx

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Plastic Purses

I am such a big fan of small cute purses. I find they have many uses and I have maybe too many, so I probably shouldn't have learnt how to make plastic covered ones. I made one to start with and then I made another one. I used my new material and they look more professional now. I worked out to sew in the plastic without it sticking to the presser foot. I want to use my new skills to make more and even line them with a waterproof fabric to use as a wash bag. And make better nappy purses.

These are the first 2 purses I made, I am very happy with them.

For my third one I got more creative and added the measuring tape ribbon and slipped some button's in between the plastic and material before I sewed it up.

Here they all are, I am sure this collection will get bigger soon.
Em xx

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